Abraham Sef

Lang st., Campbell, Northern Cape, South Africa

2010 / 08 / 09

'I spend most of my time I'm here in my gardens. I plant vegetables - carrots, beetroot and so on. I use the bicycle to cycle around wood, I also use my donkey car. The most important work for me is working in the gardens. I also just like to clean my yard, making it pretty - from there on I just pack things to make it ready, selling for R10, R15 and so I go on. Anybody can come buy from me. I also just sit here at home. The garden is just here next to my house. I make my garden all neat, working with my peach trees, pruning them and also my vineyard. I do this so that when anybody comes here they can see the place looks beautiful. So I go on - I'm a man without work, so that is why I sell things like the wood as well. I also use the bicycle to cycle to my brother or just through town to just go look at things again.'

Nic Grobler

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