Afrika Waterboer

Church st, Graaff-Reinet, South Africa

2010/12/10 13:28

‘I’m 63. I’ve been riding this bike for more than 15 years. I bought it from an uncle of mine. I actually just bought the frame so I bought the wheels and other things to get it right. I ride it every day to work and back home. I do gardening work and I’ve been doing it for some time. First I worked for Koos Minnaar in the garden. He’s now already passed away and I worked for him for 18 years. And now I’ve been working for 4 or 5 years one day here at this house the next at another house. In the back here I’ve got something I bought for the house, in the leather bag is my food I brought this morning that I’ve already eaten and the other stuff in there are some bananas and so on. The saddle I got off my old bike that Koos Minnaar gave me when he died. But the kids rode that bike that I got from Koos Minnaar into a car and it buckled the front wheel so badly that I could fix it again. So that bike is still standing there at the house so I took the saddle and put it on this one. At the moment I’m just riding with one brake - I’m not really fast, I ride very slowly, so that one brake is enough for me. And the hooter I use if there is someone in the way and I want to warn them someone is coming... I use it a lot because people don’t want to get out the way, especially for a bicycle. The light here on the front I also got from the bike that Koos Minnaar gave me, but it’s not working at the moment. At the moment I’m still looking for a ‘pot’, a dynamo. But this bike means a lot to me - if I think about, it if I took the taxi every it would be R12 per day, and with the bike I just make sure the tires and tubes are fine then it costs me nothing. At night I lock it in a small outside room.’

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Stan Engelbrecht