Albert van der Watt

Main rd., De Waterkant, Cape Town, South Africa

2010 / 04 / 13 14:40

‘I enjoy riding bikes, it’s an easy way to get around and you have no parking problems. And I’m quick in and out of the traffic. For me it’s convenient, you know, save the car, leave it at home and get fit. I’ve got a car and a bakkie there at home, and I’ve got this bike and a mountain bike. I’m from Tableview - I’m just going here to this cellphone shop and then I’m going to back to my auto-electrical workshop here in town. I’ve had some close calls on the bike, you know, once or twice with these truck going to Tableview, on the West Coast road, where these container trucks just about miss me. But other than that I haven’t really had anything... but I have fallen hard, ha ha! And I wouldn’t say I feel safe on the road - on certain roads it’s like very scary. Especially with these trucks, it’s mainly the trucks that I worry about, the cars - they’re not so bad. The trucks, you always have close calls with these trucks. I suppose they can’t move over too far. I see they are busy with a cycling lane for us now, form Tableview, so I can’t wait for that to be finished. It’ll be nice in the morning - just climb in that lane and go. Hopefully soon...’

Stan Engelbrecht

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