Alfred Nedzivhani ( bicycle business sponsored by Adcorp / )

Main rd., Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa

2010 / 11 / 03 16:17

‘I’m just selling ice-cream and cold drinks and fruits - and the traditional medicine, and cigarettes and sweets. This red one here in the bottle helps to clean the kidneys, and the whole body. You can drink this or there is also a powder one you can put inside the Mageu, the sorghum beer - it’s just to help you in the time when you go to bed with your wife, to enjoy life! It’s medicine. In Venda we call the red one Gumululo - it’s herbs from the bush, I just go to take it out from the soil. I cook it myself. A bottle like this one is R15. But when the weather is hot people buy more ice-cream... my bicycle dropped it’s chain just now, but I’ve just put it back on so I can continue the journey. This is my business - this  bicycle was given to me by Adcorp. They just come to my small business and said that they are going to sponsor me this bicycle. I got it last year in February. Every day I come up from the Randburg taxi rank, not too far, and I use the hooter. I like it because at this time I enjoy it because I’m working with this thing every day!’

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Stan Engelbrecht