Alfred Ngece

Strand Promenade, Strand, Somerset West, South Africa

2010 / 06 / 18 12:38

‘I’m going to Shoprite. My wife sent me. She wants cool drinks, something. But on Sundays I’m here, I’m always sitting here - this is my place. I drink cool drink and eat something, just by myself. My wife gives me money at the house, she stays busy at the house. I’m around here, or maybe I ride my bicycle to Gordon’s Bay. But when I’m here I rest. People know me here. My old boss gave me this bike. He said he saw that when I was looking for new jobs I was walking, that time I didn’t have a bicycle and I was walking, and he said, “Take this bicycle.” But I want to paint it nicely. Maybe silver... or yellow.’

Stan Engelbrecht

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