Anne Meershoek

2nd. st., Kleinmond, Western Cape, South Africa

2010 / 09 / 25 12:27

'Everyone in the Netherlands has one and a half bike, so like us too - this is my shopping bike and then I have one that is a bit more fancy. I brought both my bikes with from Holland. It is good for you, it is economic and it is more friendly towards the environment. It is also good for older people, many people come here to Kleinmond to retire, for them it is ideal for keeping one healthy - the water is too cold to swim. I don't know why people aren't so aware about cycling here, it is not really more dangerous here, perhaps older people are scared they fall - but if you learnt to cycle once then you know how to do it. This is my bike from Holland, it has a built in lock here at the wheel and it also has a built in light. We live here in Kleinmond because our parents used to come have holiday here, so we know the place. We are quite involved and have quite a few things going in the community.'

Nic Grobler

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