Arnold Mvumbi

Cnr. Coronation rd. and Upper Park rd., Walmer Estate, Cape Town, South Africa

2010 / 02 / 01 14:47

‘I’m always busy with the bike, man. I’m at Nyanga, it’s where I live. But this bike stays in Mowbray. I’m a delivery man in this area - Walmer Estate, University Estate - and I have to deliver in this area the Cape Times, Cape Argus and Weekend Argus, Sunday Argus - each and every paper that we have. You see, I’m the one responsible for delivering to those people who subscribe. I deliver every single day, even Sundays, oh man, there is no break here.  My breaks are only twice per year - that’s on Good Friday and the 31st. of December. But at least now they’ve promised with Zuma in charge and 2010 to give us some holidays, you know. Every day I’m on this bicycle, a holiday - wow... some of the time you’re sleepwalking because you don’t have the time to sleep enough. 03:00 is when the transport comes to pick me up, so at 02:20 my phone is supposed to wake me up. Then I have to dress and wait for the transport to fetch me and then we come to Mowbray to start the job. But now I’m almost finished - I only have 2 papers left, then I’m going home, by taxi. At home I have my own bicycle, a mountain bike, but this bicycle, you can say it’s mine, because everything that happens to it I’m supposed to handle it. Now even if a tyre blows it is my responsibility. All the shit that happens to this bike is my responsibility, so I can say it’s mine... but you see this one is supposed to be up to date, like the brakes and whatever, and I’m risking my life every day on these hills because there are no brakes here. But I’ve never had an accident.’

Stan Engelbrecht

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