Ashley van der Merwe

St. Andrews st., Bloemfontein, South Africa

2011 / 03 / 03 08:02

‘I’m always on my bike and so on. It keeps me busy and cycling is actually very good for a person. It gives you good exercise and everything. You know, my uncle rides and he’s in his seventies already. He taught us all how to ride. I prefer riding my bike as opposed to a car - cars are too expensive, with the petrol price going up and down the whole time it’s not worth it. A bicycle only cost a little energy from you. It exercises you, a car doesn’t. I’ll stick with bikes. They are the best. I taught my girlfriend recently how to ride. When we met she always saw me on the bike, and so I taught her. I bought her a bike and now she rides to school and home. There wasn’t always transport to get her home so bikes are the best solution. She rides with me to school and in the afternoon she rides home by herself - she’s safe. Before she leaves school she has to call me and again when she gets home. She rides a BMX - it’s not big but it does the job. It takes her where she needs to be. She likes to ride but sometimes she complains that riding makes her tired, but that’s the exercise. She’s 19 and she’ll be finishing school this year. We’ve been together for four years, but we’re not getting married yet! We’re just living together to see how it goes...’

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Stan Engelbrecht