Ashston May

De Kock st., Sunnyside, Pretoria, South Africa

2011 / 05 / 20 17:37

'Well, I come from a wild history. There in the townships, you know how it goes. A man grows up with a hard life you see, but I haven't lost focus as to what my goals are. I may not have an education or nothing you see, but my work keeps me going and I believe in a God. I pray for my things. Here the people are saying that tomorrow's world is coming to an end - aaaah! The 21st., tomorrow is the 21st. - here in the world, check my clock! Until that time, me - I just want to see what happens. From my experience, I mean, guys, get a life - come to your senses man. Just do right there, whatever you do - sin, pray. God forgives you 70 times 70 a day - not even the whole world can sin that much. Hey, imagine. If I'm not gonna do it nobody is going to do it. I'm not trying to rhyme but my language is flowing. I can spit a little bit. But I can't freestyle cause my style ain't free. I just represent me. I like all music, I like to get messages out of the music, I don't just listen to the beat and all that. Hip hop, reggae, gospel all that stuff. Look where it brought me - how can I doubt. All the messages I got was on God. I'm doing it. The worst thing I did was leaving school. I may not have people with money or so, nobody got me anything you see, I had to get everything by myself. I am a Blomster. I miss my hometown. I heard I was streetwise, okay, so another bra showed me this place and I moved in with my roommate and everything is ńaa, you see. We have a ńaa understanding and over-standing, we over-stand each other, you over-stand me? Ha ha! I work for Sunglass Hut, I sell only original sunglasses. This is my best brand, Arnette. I got this job through my sister. I'm sales consultant, I sell, I make money for these people. I won these glasses in a sales competition, I don't take stuff, I work for my stuff - the money that I get, I deserve it. I don't go around and steal stuff you see, look in my eyes, I work for my money. I don't have education but I'm thankful for what I have and I enjoy my work and everything I do. If people aren't happy for me, I'm happy for me and all is well. People can see this child shines, and things I got through people that looked out for me you see, I'm thankful for them too. Guys, big up to Lario, Fasel and them, all the guys who have always been there for me, word is what you do, I'm gonna come back on you all. My dream is to make money, I want to get my things right, then one can look out for everybody that don't have. I have tjommies here in the street, I don't meet with rich people, I give them stuff that I didn't have. I might have grown up in a hard way you see. My thing is, I do for me and I believe in God that says, “Ask and it shall be given to you.” Another friend of mine, big up Ronnie, for representing the game there always, I'm gonna come back on you player, I always saw him preforming on stage stuff there and I got interested - that is when I started loving hip hop see. One time he asked me, cause he heard how I spit - my first time on a stage I took the talent show! Big up Ronnie, outsiders for life. Don't underestimate the swag, I'm trying to be me. Like I said, I'm doing me. I have a tattoo of a tiger on my chest, representing my personality. Eish, I realized I needed to do something with my life so I decided I need to move a little to another place and see what happens you see. So I got here and got myself a life, got a job you see. I'm thankful for the people and family that was there for me. I've always been biker boy. I saw a guy with this bike once and I told him to give the bike to me, it’s my style this. I come from a profile background, there from Heidedal - Heidedal knows me. I'm trying to be famous man, and I'm gonna do what you do to get my own. Word is, peace out everybody. Represent AKA Ashston! Word is playa! I hit slang. Over-stand this, call stout Ashtos because I wised up. I know my game style so I got to wise up. Jy kan dit nie doen nie, because I will tell you; shut up. Speculating maybe before you blow up. Ek is warm soos enige setup now you wanna check up ‘cause suddenly my money went up, east up, what’s up, east Sunnyside is where I'm at. Son op jy is son af. Love en weer op met 'n twist like twister but never rest, the disaster of the Ashstonishter. There is only one chance, if I don't make this one I don't know. This one is for my baby.'

Nic Grobler

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