Awethu Ngqeza

Die Nek st., Holland location, Jansenville, South Africa

2010 / 12 / 09 17:06

‘I was raised and born in Klipplaat and I’m here in Jansenville as an employee, as a postman I’m working here. I like the environment of this place, it’s cool here. This bike is actually not my bike - I brought it from work to deliver the mail, but I’m allowed to use it whenever I want. I’ve been the postman now for 9 months. I’m enjoying it, it’s really cool, it’s nice... each and every day I’m getting to meet new people so it’s very nice. They call me ‘postman’ so I like it! Ha ha! When I was coming up the hill now I was just listening to Celine Dion...’

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Stan Engelbrecht