Barry Truter

Ferguson rd., Bulwer, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

2011 / 03 / 15 17:39

'I have an art studio here at the back where I do some artworks, sculptures and prints - all kinds of things. I'm a printmaker so I'm doing etching, lithography, silk screening and wood etching. Everything to do with printmaking - even do some stained-glass work. I've been cycling since 1984, often to the college where I teach and back. Most of the time on the delivery bike - no gears! Ha ha! It is all downhill to work about 1.8 kilometers and then 1.8 kilometers uphill back. Years ago I had a motorbike, then it was stolen - it was then I bought the bicycle. Cycling to work and back, I liked it so much that I kept cycling. Later I bought a road bike, so every morning I get up at 03:00, have some coffee and around 03:30 I go for a ride. About 20 kilometers on the road bike then I get home and get ready for work. I do this just about every day except Mondays. It gives one an appetite you know - ha ha! At the age of 65 it is difficult to get the weight down - even if you do cycle. I'm probably one of the people who go out earliest, most people come out around 06:00. I've been attacked on my bicycle in the morning, a few times. Someone once chased me with a knife! Had to cycle away real fast. So now I take a knife or a truncheon with in my back pack - just in case something happens. But anyway, a person has to cycle you know. I like going early because the air is fresh and there are no cars - no pollution. If you wait until 05:00 then all the cars pollute and people come out. Unfortunately I have to go to bed at 20:00. Sometimes I then take the delivery bike to work, also to go shopping; loading a bag of potatoes on the front, a bag of onions on the back and some vegetables on the handlebars - you know the brakes are backpedal so there is some space on the handlebars. There are very few people cycling to work here in Durban, I've seen about two or three. I've had this road bike for about 10 years. I like this one because it still has a stamp from Italy and it is original. These days everything has nice paint and design but a bunch of crap underneath. Back in the day I paid R10,000 for this one. These days things cost R25,000 or R30,000 and they’re not really better - I don't know. The only thing that changed is the amount of gears. But I don't know if you need all those gears if you are racing, you know. Just when you change gears you lose speed. If you keep on a high gear you can cycle fast - you just need to pedal ha ha!'

Nic Grobler

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