Bernard Kehoe

Waterkant st., Cape Town, South Africa

2011 / 02 / 17 17:03

‘I bought this bike in 1991 or 1992 I think. I bought it from Bernard at Soloped, just around the corner here. I did the Argus five times on this bike and it’s been sitting in my garage for the last 15 years, I hardly ever used it, since I have a motorbike that I normally commuted on. I work in Strand street right here. I’m a doctor, a General Practitioner, and I live in Mouille Point, and since they opened the new cycle path - with the World Cup stadium - I think I’m about the only person that uses it. I use it regularly, every day, since the World Cup opened up, that’s about 8 months ago now. I stopped using my motorbike to commute because I find it quite dangerous. And I find it quicker to commute from Strand street to Mouille Point on the bicycle than on the motorbike, because of all the traffic lights. I’m home in 12 minutes on my bicycle. I’ve calculated, that if I had a car, I’m saving a R1000 a month. To park your car is R600 a month, and with wear-and-tear and that. I worked out that if everybody start commuting by bicycle from the atlantic seaboard they’d pay for the World Cup stadium quick-quick. I think it’s the only way to travel - no parking problems, I go to the shops and I put my bike right outside, or I take the bike into the shop, and it keeps my weight down. And with all these new cycling paths coming up in Adderley street I’m very excited. I think it’s the way to go. It’s so safe now, and relaxing. I find when I cycle to work I’m relaxed when I get to work. When I get home all the stress of the day is gone. I just amble along and I don’t worry about traffic. I’ve put a mud-guard on the back here for the winter, I went through the winter on it. And I added a bell because on the cycle path people are always getting in the way. But over the last 8 months I’ve seen very few  people using the cycle lanes. You see the odd person. I ride the same time every day and I almost never see anybody else commuting. I think it’s a tragedy.’

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