Bertin Cikuru

Cnr. Anton Lembede st. and Dr. Yusuf Dadoo st., Durban, South Africa

2011 / 03 / 15 15:15

My name is Bertin Cikuru… I come from the Congo, of course. My bike… it’s just a gift from a friend. And I like it a lot because it helps me. I had already become too fat. I had put on weight but while I exercised with it I have become… my stomach was too fat but it’s already getting smaller. That’s why I love my bike so much. I have seen my weight problem cured again. I could no longer even tie my shoelaces because my stomach was so fat. I needed help to do that. But now, I appreciate, well I appreciate… I don’t think I will put it aside. I always go with it because if there is a problem it will take care of it always. And I have already bought another one to be active, because it helps your health. You know that when you are too fat you run the risk of having a lot of illnesses such as hypertension, and you can become diabetic easily… In this case, to avoid this, one needs to be supple. Suppleness in life is very important. It’s the reason I admire sport. We must do sport. We must do sport in life in general. We must be fond of sports to avoid the risk of all illnesses. I have a funny story concerning my bike, here - the one that I am holding. I was coming from the bookshop and I had just paid for a book. And I was holding the book… I was holding the bag that contained the book that had been put in there for me. And as I was riding the bike, the book went into the spokes here and I braked suddenly, the bicycle just stopped. Can you imagine what became of me? I turned in the air and I landed with my head in the road. And now I’ve got injuries. That’s why you mustn’t be too confident. You mustn’t take all risks. You must envisage all the possible risks before riding your bike. So it’s got to do with what you do, it’s got to do with where you go, be careful of vehicles that are passing and that are around you, even of people, and get rid of every obstacle which is around you.’

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