Björn Norrgard

Sea Point Promenade, Sea Point, Cape Town, South Africa

2010 / 06 / 13 12:54

‘I live in Europe during the warm season, and in Southern Africa during the warm season here. I’m a little bit delayed because of the World Cup because I want to see if I can harness something form the World Cup situation. I was born in Sweden and learned about Southern Africa form the late eighties and then since that time I’ve been traveling here. I’m a Mbira player. Myself and my friend travelled down form Zimbabwe - we’ve known each other since ’94 I think. The bicycle is the first and foremost best vehicle mankind has made, to me. You save your feet, and you’re smooth through traffic congestions anywhere. It’s very good, as long as it’s not much more than 30 kilometers it’s alright. More than 30 kilometers I rather arrange a lift or a bus or something. And I take the bike with me. I’ve had this bike for about a year now - I was given this bike for free in the UK because a dog was eating the brake hydraulic cables, and I replaced it with car parts because it was more easily available and much cheaper. I’ve attached an extra seat here - with this one you can sit with your feet on the ground, for resting or looking around, or for my children - sometimes they sit there. This bike is my best friend - it’s my wheelchair, because I’m disabled without it.’

Stan Engelbrecht

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