Bontle Moeng

New rd., Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa

2011 / 04 / 28 19:38

'I entered a competition courtesy of Design Indaba - I picked it up on their website and I heard that they are giving away a Biomega NYC bicycle by KiBiSi. I'm sure NYC stands for New York City. I just tried my luck and entered. Basically what they were looking for were ideas how to encourage bicycling in South Africa. Most of the ideas I tweeted came straight from my head and personal experiences. I definitely plan on cycling with the bike. I think I have to teach myself how to cycle, it is my first experience - I've never owned a bicycle, even in my childhood days. So it is a very new experience and I'm hoping to be a professional cyclist in the next few months, ha ha! It is going to take a bit of work and a bit of time. I'm just excited about it. The first step would be to start riding around my complex, I don't really have a solid plan. As soon as I'm comfortable and feel confident I'll try cycling to work. It will certainly help me save a bit of money on fuel, and besides, my work place is exactly five minutes away. I'm a bit nervous about it because most motorists don't look out for bicycle riders. I'm hoping that they'll be able to spot me on the road and try and give me a bit of space. I grew up in Rockville, Soweto and I was born there. I've lived there for basically 28 years. I've pretty much lived most of my life in the township. Soweto is a very different environment and it’s very hectic. But we do have parks and facilities, I'll try use that, but on the main road I doubt it - there is a lot of taxis and busses it is just going to be too hectic for me to do that. Most people can't believe I won the bicycle, especially my parents - but they are telling me to sell the bike. They firmly believe I will never make it as a cyclist. Personally I just want to prove them wrong and show that I can actually achieve something with this. My boyfriend is ecstatic, of all the people he is very supportive and he is even willing to give up some of his free time to teach me - he had the opportunity to learn when he was young. As soon as I'm ready I'll take off the wrappers and start riding, probably in the next few days - trying it out here in the complex. I couldn't believe I won, it must have been a tough task for the judges. I'm just grateful that they chose mine. So I won this bike through my tweet. Some of my tweets included making a proposal to the National City Parks to install bicycle friendly routes as part of public recreational activity, communicate the bicycle-to-work plan to South African citizens using all eleven official languages and direct, produce and release a uniquely and proudly South African bicycle themed movie in all major cinemas. This is the tweet that won: “Create a bicycle ride brand identity with South African national colors and execute a proactive bicycle-to-work campaign using sports idols”.'

Nic Grobler

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