Brandan Searle

Snell Parade st., Durban, South Africa

2011 / 03 / 14 12:11

‘Hi, my name’s Brandan. I work at La Lucia Virgin Active. I’m a fitness manager there. I ride from where we live in North Beach, Durban out to the club every day. It’s my mode of transport. I enjoy it. It certainly keeps me five-alive. When I get to the club, I’m energized, ready for work. And I like cycling. I bought this bike, this particular Cannondale, in Canada. I worked on cruise ships for quite a while and again, every time we were in a port, I’d take the bike out and go cycling which has definitely enriched my life a whole lot. This particular bike is designed so that it is a 56 centimeter rim as opposed to your regular 700C. Unfortunately the downside to that is it’s very difficult to acquire tubes and tires here in South Africa, so I’m still looking around. If anyone knows, let me know. But it’s just a fantastic way to get to places, on a bike. I totally love it. I’m sure everyone would agree with me, especially if you’re doing it already. In the bag I’ve got all my work clothes. I’ve got some mango juice. I’ve got a whole lot of other foodie items - dates etc., some swimming kit. So I’ll often do a swim out at Ushaka first, then get up and off riding. But this bag essentially carries a lot… I’m used to packing a bag. When I was on the ships, and prior to that, I’ve done some cycling through Europe, through the States… I always have the backpack, so even if you don’t use the bull-bars to put your hands on, they’re there for the backpack. So ja, this is the way I like to travel, fairly light, and of course I carry the credit card. By the way, I don’t drink Coca Cola. This is fruit juice. Liquifruit.’

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