Chandré Els

Du Plessis st., Middelburg, South Africa

2010 / 12 / 11 17:29

‘My dad bought this bike for me at Lewis Stores and I’ve had it now for probably five months. My brother and his friend stuck all these stickers all over my bike - that was their plan the other day. It looks okay, I probably can’t complain... I’ve been riding bicycles for a few years. I had another one before this one but I sold it. We’ve been living here for two years now, it’s very quiet. Nothing actually happens here... I had a job, but not anymore, so now I stay at home and keep myself busy. And I’m looking for work. But I’m only going to look for work next year again, not this year. I don’t want to work now because it’s almost my birthday. On the 22nd. It’s my 21st.’

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