Cias Lebeko

Market st., Thaba Nchu, South Africa

2011 / 03 / 03 17:20

‘Since from 1992 I used to ride a bicycle, and from there I just wanted to do something that I can be proud of. And as we are standing outside here, you see - it’s in Thaba Nchu this place - here is the New Yiso Yiso shop where I’m working. All the time when I’m coming to work I ride my bicycle. When I’m riding my bicycle on the road I just feel like I wish I could find someone to compete with. Like in 2003 I was riding my bicycle from Thaba Nchu to Maseru in Lesotho because there was a funeral for my grandmother. I didn’t have money so that I could catch a bus or a taxi. I left here at 07:00 and I arrived there in Maseru at 11:30. I was very proud to see that I have the power to ride a bicycle from here to Maseru - it was my first time to do something like that. I’m very impressed. Even now you can see that I’ve put the sticker of South Africa on my bike - I’m a very proud South African. In my life if I can get someone who can train me then we can travel from here to a long distance. Then I think I can be proud. I just need someone to do me a favor, just to help me with a bike. If he can get me a sports bike then I know I can have something in my future. Ja, I’m very proud. Thats’s all I can say. Oh, and I like music, Hip Hop is my style, and even House music. I like to play South African DJ’s, . Even starting from 11 years, now I’m 27 years - music is my style, it’s my life. Even here where I’m working, all the people know that I like music. You can see I’m wearing my headphones all the time. I like to listen to Eminem, he’s my guy - he rocks, that guy, very cool. And on the South African scene I support DJ Kent, and Euphonik, even Oskido - that guy was playing kwaito music, now he’s changing over to House music. That guy rocks, all over South Africa everyone knows him. He rocks - I can say he’s the one who grows me up. I put my headphones on and the only thing I’m concentrating on is to ride my bicycle, and even the speed; if I’m listening to House music, that beat, those lyrics, how it beats - then it’s controlling my feet also. Oh, it’s giving me energy, energy to ride this bicycle! Serious!’

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