Craig Harwood

Playfair rd., Durban, South Africa

2011 / 03 / 14 14:46

The reason why I came to North Beach today is to come and see my dental technician for my teeth like, otherwise just to visit a friend like. And from here I’ve still got to make my way home all the way with my bicycle to Montclair. So I’m just going to wait about another half hour or so ‘til the traffic get a bit more quieter and then I’m gonna make my way on my bicycle home again. I know you’re meant to have like a helmet and some knee pads and all that, but since I’ve been cycling from a young age I fell so many times already, so I’m like immune to falling on tar… And ja, I got a lot of scars to show for it. And got a couple of stitches, but otherwise, never got bumped by a bus or a taxi or anything like that. So it’s pretty safe like. Ja and I find it’s cheaper to get around, even if you might find it gets you out of breath a bit. But the long run is that it keeps you fit and it keeps you healthy and in a day when you do a good cycle, you can feel it like. But BMX is more like my type of passion because it’s more of a hobby type of thing and it’s like keeps me more on the edge like. Ja, my part-time tattooing is just to get the time to go by. Otherwise I just cycle, take all new routes, new places, just keep on cycling, keep myself fit like. And ja, work my gears properly, and chains are the only thing I go through - I eat chains. It’s because the place where we are staying here in Durban has high humidity and salt air and most of the time I’m out in the breeze like, and I ride along the beach and it tends to pick up a lot of salt and that. It’s when you’re cycling and going up steep hills that the chain tends to just give in and it’s like, ja, just got to keep on repairing them like. But basically everything else is quite smooth because I got aluminum rims and aluminum spokes - as long as I can get from A to B, I’m happy. About eleven years back, on the very same position where I’m sitting, there was a complex downstairs from here where there used to be a shop, and they had this bicycle and I bought the bicycle from them like. For R1000, and the most I’ve ever put on this bicycle is just buying new chains all the time. Bicycles are the best way to go today. It’s lighter. I don’t have to pay for fuel or any oil, or damage the ecosystem like. So it’s friendly, environment-friendly like. Otherwise, you don’t see much people riding, and when you do, they’re very shy on it or they either scared to ride on the road, so they tend to ride on the sidewalks so… I think people don’t cycle because there’s just too many vehicles on the road and eventually it costs too much money to get the right gear for bicycles, especially like a helmet and like reflectors and stuff like that. As you can see, my bike got no like roadworthy stuff on it, but I’m a daredevil so I just go for the rush! You don’t get much chicks when you ride a bicycle - if you could we would all have chicks by now! There are no chicks into guys with bicycles, you’ve got to get a vehicle. You see, if I had a like maybe a tan… or whatever - those two… two rider bicycles or whatever. But chicks are more into guys that got vehicles that can show off their money like. I suppose it’s more comfortable and luxurious sitting on a chair in a vehicle with air conditioning, burning up fuel than sitting on a bicycle and being exposed to fresh air and the sounds and the birds and whatever comes to mind.’

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