Daniel Hoffman

Main rd., Woodstock, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

2010 / 12 / 11 19:34

'I got into riding bikes when I was a courier in London for a year. So I got into fixies and have ridden ever since. I prefer to ride a bike than have a car, especially in the city - you don't need a car. I just enjoy being on the bike, enjoy speed and enjoy cruising - being outdoors. I was living in London for three years and in that time I started riding to work and back. Started with a BMX, then a mountain bike and then I saw these guys cycling around with their cool fixed wheels and looking really cool with their radios and shit - then I was like yeah man that looks like a cool job. So I went with a small firm to start with, got myself a nice new fixie. Yeah, it’s cool, it is like a 3D real life video game - and you get paid for it, it is awesome. This bike was built by the guys at BMC, down the road on Argyle. It is a fixed wheel conversion. It has a unique handle bar, actually snake wood - very nice and dense. Comfortable to ride with - I don't wear gloves. I live in Woodstock and work as a bar tender slash chef slash this-and-that - in town at the moment, at a place called Tequila Town. Around Christmas time in London I was on the job, had a about four or five jobs on board, about to knock off and it started snowing, heavily. It snowed two or three feet within 5 minutes. So I got to a point where I couldn't ride anymore. It was like slush. So I had to pull over at a bus stop, and as I pulled over I see all these people in the bus pissing themselves laughing at me - I was covered in a layer of snow. So I looked like a snowman riding a bicycle - pretty rad.'

Nic Grobler

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