Dankiso Taaso

N2, near Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

2010 / 01 / 17 13:08

‘I'm coming from a farm, from my friends, going to a location here down the road. Kilometers? So, I don't know how much. You look there, there is a plaas, a farm there, I'm coming from there. I use this bike, this is my transport, this one. So this bike, she has helped me... very much. If I want to go anywhere, I leave with this bike. So this bike, she gives me problems sometimes. So I want to buy another bike, but now I have no money. This brake is broken here, so I brake with my foot. I've had this bicycle for 4 years, before I had another kind, I used a dikwiel, a black one. She is broken. I don't get the parts here, I have to take a taxi to PE. With this one, the gears is also broken, I took it out. You know, now it’s 1 gear. It gives me less problems.’

Nic Grobler

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