Dave 'Ticki' Ross and Liz 'Bun' Bird

North Beach pier, Durban, South Africa

2011 / 03 / 15 11:20

Liz : ‘My name is Liz. I’ve had this bike for only one day! One day! My last one was stolen, then I bought a real horrible one and I decided, no, I had a little motor scooter so I sold my motor scooter and decided to get a good bike in place of the motor scooter, so I’ve now got this one day-old beauty. I’m a retired old school teacher and I have all my fun now cycling down to the beach and catching a few waves. If I’m not doing that, I’m on the bowling green, bowling on, rolling my bowls around...’ Dave : ‘Name’s Dave Ross. Nickname “Ticki”. I’ve been living on the beachfront most of my life. And my front garden has been the… been the sea. I do a lot of surfing…surfing and a lot of cycling of course. I cycle to the beach every day of my life. The Surf Lifesaving Club is my front garden and we all sit up there and have tea and chat on the veranda… you know, talk to each other and most of it’s a lot of rubbish but anyway it’s… you pass the time away. And if it’s a good surf, we’re always out. Like today for instance, it’s a lovely conditions. Surf’s not the best but it’s not too bad. We started this club about fifteen years ago, no, sorry, more - twenty years ago - surfing and cycling. See this shirt I’m wearing? We have a Christmas party every year and these shirts were dished out and it’s a different motif every year. And of course we’ve done this for about twenty years so we’ve got twenty different shirts. And this is one of the shirts from our… this one must be about fifteen years old. It says “Durban Surf Old Goats Cycle Club” and then it’s got on there “The Hard-arse Brigade” - because we go on long cycles and our arses get sore. Oh no, but we’ve got hard arses.’ Liz : ‘And he’s got the cup for… the special prize for having the most falls too. Every year, they give a thing for the worst tumbles and he gets it regularly.’ Dave : ‘No, man, that’s not true. That’ll be the day!’

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Stan Engelbrecht