David Eave

Perlemoen st., Bloubergstrand, Cape Town, South Africa

2010 / 07 / 11 18:02

‘Our roads aren’t that safe. The moment the IRT bus system is completed, there’s going to be a cycle path which will make commuting to work a lot easier. And I’m going to try in September, October - once the bicycle path is done - to see if I can’t commute to work on this unicycle. Commuting to work on the unicycle may be unique in South Africa but in Europe people commute. Naturally, they’ve got far safer road systems that are often dedicated to bicycles. So, if the roads are safer, I will certainly try unicycling to work. The problem with the big distances in Africa… 30 kilometers on a unicycle, even when I’m fit and strong is probably going to be one and a half hours, maybe one hour and forty-five minutes... with an element of risk because there isn’t a bicycle path all the way to Wynberg, maybe only as far as town. So my plan in the future is just to carry on riding one of these and seeing if I can’t get more and more better at it. I’m going to do the Argus Cycle Tour, the 2011 Argus Cycle Tour on this unicycle. And I hope never to do it again on a bicycle.’

Stan Engelbrecht

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