David Mufamadi 

Charles st., Brooklyn, Pretoria, South Africa

2010 / 04 / 16 17:35

'My bike is good for me, if I want to be somewhere on time I can be there on time, not using the taxi. It doesn't give me any problems. This bike was a present after my last one was stolen, my old one was too fast, an old road bike. This one is okay, but the old one was my baby. I've been in Arcadia today, just visited a friend and we went to see some chicks, ha ha... you know they drive you crazy without using their license! My bicycle means a lot to me, it’s like another part of my life. You know when someone wants to borrow this bike, I just say no... because it’s like giving someone a new born baby... scared they don't take care of it. Even when I'm sleeping and I hear something I'm just thinking of my bike. I can tell all people that if they're thinking about getting a bicycle that it’s a great idea, and that they shouldn't fuck with the taxi's man.'

Nic Grobler

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