David Twani

R48, De Aar, Northern Cape, South Africa

2010 / 07 / 29 14:52

'Man, it’s kind of like training. You know, how do you say... my knees locked, and I was still playing ball that time and I got hurt. But now, because I'm cycling they are better. This was my dad’s bicycle, so I've had this a long time - over twenty years. It’s an old model, it doesn't really break down much. I don' fix it myself, I've got a mechanic. He also lives there in Nonzwakazi, but he is not from here, he is from Colesberg. We just call him ‘Game’. This eye got hurt in the Cape. They caught me there and beat me - the skollies. They robbed me, my eye was hanging out and I went to Tygerville hospital. This bicycle we just call the dikwiel. I never use a taxi, I just go up and down with this bicycle.'

Nic Grobler

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