Eddie Mhlanga

Garden rd., Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa

2010 / 03 / 23 17:32

'I'm going to work, I work for security services. Normally I use the bike 4 times a week. I cycle from Diepsloot to Vorna Valley. I use the 262, its about 45 minutes to an hour of cycling one way. I've had this bike for three months, but I've been cycling all my life. Two things, firstly, it saves me money, secondly, it keeps me fit. I don't need to go to gym or do other sports. Currently I'm staying with my girlfriend, she doesn't cycle. No, ha ha... she is too fat. She likes the idea of cycling but she says she can't because of her body. The taxis are scarce on this road, so the bicycle helps me, it takes me from work right up to where I stay. What I can say is that I enjoy this bike. I can service it myself.'

Nic Grobler

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