Eric Heydenrych

Boom st., Jansenville, South Africa

2010 / 12 / 09 19:06

‘I started cycling quite late in life, probably about five or six years ago. In small town there isn’t much interest in cycling and I think my brother was the first one that started riding around here - because he has knee problems it was recommended to him. We’re more weekend or opportunity riders and we don’t really ride that far. I mostly ride my mountain bike because the routes you can ride here are safer on the mountain bike. For road bikes we don’t have safe roads, there are no roads here with shoulders. I had a few close calls, and I’m not a cat with 9 lives, so I decided to rather stay off the roads. The last incident was with a truck, it was passing me and immediately swung in front of me as it went past so I almost got knocked down by the trailer. Luckily I was on my mountain bike and I managed to quickly come off onto the dirt shoulder. It felt like the driver did it on purpose... It seems when there isn’t much space drivers will rather push you off the road, as if they feel they have the right.’

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