Fabian Titus

Plein rd., Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa

2010 / 10 / 17 19:46

'It keeps me fit, and one sees many places that you don't always see. I was eight years old when I got my first bicycle - a bmx. Then I went on with a bomber. I've done two or three races, but those bikes got feet. This is a great bike, it comes from a good man, I worked for a good man and he gave it to me. So many people have told me it is a good bike - Peter Allen. It might be an antique but it can do its job. I enjoy it. Today I just cycled around town, looking at the beauty of the town, I can't really say - well I sat next to the river, smoked a bit. This morning I was at church, ate a bit with everyone - family and so on. I'm not employed at the moment - I sent my CV to a few places and I’m waiting for them to call back. If you have work for me I'll be keen. I get by as I still live with my mother - she works but it is tough going. We live in Cloetesville. The bicycle brings much into my life, I'm a sportsman and it affects my sport - it keeps my sport top. I play cricket and rugby - it is cricket season at the moment. Cricket takes a lot out of you - being on your feet all day. I play for Spes Bona - I used to play for Stellenbosch and districts but now I'm playing for my own district, defending my district. I'm 26 years old.'

Nic Grobler

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