Fanie Dibete

Between Lebalangwe and Mmakaunyana, North West, South Africa

2010 / 05 / 30 13:06

'You see I use the bicycle because I used to travel by foot all the time. So now I can travel simply with the bicycle to the shops and somewhere. I'm a welder, but you see sometimes I can buy some vegetables and load them on top here and go to sell to the customers. Sometimes I make rakes and also take them to some customers. Very simple - easier than going by foot. My brother gave me this bicycle in 2008, I've only bought some tires and some other parts. The bicycle also gives me some training, sometimes if I didn't ride for a while, maybe for two days, then I don't feel so brave, but if I've ridden then I feel brave! So if I cycled and then I go herd the cattle then I feel fast. I can ride from here to Hammanskraal, to Mabopane. You see.'

Nic Grobler

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