Francois 'Pieppie' Onkers

Outside Blomnek, De Rust, South Africa

2010 / 12 / 05 16:20

‘It all started with jealousy. My hand’s been like this for 2 months. Some guys around here couldn't accept that I was the best cyclist in the area. Then I was on my way to go and practice a bit - my legs and so on, and they attacked me on the road. They were jealous. No matter where we go I beat them every day. I’ve taken part in competitions in Mossel Bay, and in George - I got a first place there. I had about 12 or 13 bicycle, during the time I was learning. I didn’t buy any of those bikes complete - I built all of them up. I know everything about bikes. I know a bicycle like my palm. Those buckles you get sometimes, like when you ride with a flat tire, or you hit a rock, I pull that rim straight just like it was.’

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