Frank Mncube

Bicycle lane along R27, Sunset Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

2010 / 05 / 15 17:28

‘My name is Frank. At the moment I’m just leaving from where I was doing a job, I’m just on my way home. I live there in Milnerton, in Joe Slovo. During the week I’m a granite installer and during the weekends I’m just a domestic worker. Sometimes I just wake up on Saturday morning and when I’m not doing anything I just get on my bike and just ride. I see other guys who are just passing by with their bikes and say “Hi!”, and have fun. At the moment my bike means a lot to me you know, ‘cause I think I cannot do without it. I don’t have a car, I don’t have anything. This is the only thing I have and that is my bike. So it means a lot to me. Even though it just broke now - one of my gear cables broke - but still I love it! I’ve been using it now for 3 years. I got it in a shop there in Century City where they sell nice bikes. It’s light. It’s a Diamond Back Sorrento - it’s a nice bike. I can even lift it with my one hand, you know. Ja, that’s my bike.’

Stan Engelbrecht

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