Frikkie Rossouw

Stockenstroom st., Graaff-Reinet, South Africa

2010 / 12 / 10 17:36

‘As a child I used to cycle. I mean, I rode to school every day from Kuilsriver to Bellville, and back again in the afternoons, and then back again to go to rugby practice, for example. And during the holidays that’s what we did. I had and old 3-speed bike, rode around - to Stellenbosch, Strand... I can remember once, I was just telling my kids, when we were living in Gordon’s Bay, we used to put all our diving equipment, the tubes and nets and everything, on our bicycles and then we go and dive for alikreukels down at Rooiels... around the mountain and back with our bicycles. Because the tube stuck out so far on the back of the bike sometimes we had to pull over so the cars could pass, that little road used to be very narrow. So I grew up with bicycles. My brother got a bicycle from a lady in Sutherland and so that bike was handed down to me and so on. My sister was the first one to get a brand new bicycle - she was very spoilt. So throughout the years I’ve been riding, until I studied and then started working at De Hoop Nature Conservation, those years I didn’t ride, funnily enough. But when I moved to Port Elizabeth I bought a bicycle again, so for the last 20 - 25 years I’ve been riding again. Cycling is what I like and I have a passion for, it’s a way of life, so 5 yours ago I bought my bike shop here in Graaff-Reinet from this lady. That’s how it started growing. I got more guys into cycling, if they’re looking for a way to exercise I’d suggest they buy a bike. And I ride to work every day because it’s really not worth the trouble going by car, it’s a waste. Once we arranged a race for the local bicycle delivery guys. For a trophy we had a bicycle sculpture made out of wire, and at the starting point each guy got a list of addresses that he had to visit to get a signature, and race back to the town hall. The winners got prizes... but we only got to do that once. Most of the pharmacies here still have guys delivering by bicycle, and of course the Post Office. And Midas, and Radium Dry Cleaners. And the municipality. So there are lots! We should have another one!’

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Stan Engelbrecht