Gabriel Tango

Hillstar ave., Wetton, Cape Town, South Africa

2010 / 04 / 16 15:25

‘This bike. This is actually my nephew’s bike. But it’s been coming on a long time, you see it’s not looking so good. But we’ve been using it, this bike, for a long time. Very long. He’s had this bike now for 3 years, he’s changed the wheels, he’s changed some things. But this is the thing that actually gets him most of the places where he wants to be. You see, this is his transport. I’m actually just only hiring it during the week. Maybe I give him R20 for the whole week - R4 for the drive for the day. That’s what I give him. He’s got a BMX now that he uses actually. But he’s actually the one who loves bicycles. For me it’s to get me early to work, so I can be here always on time, otherwise, I can drive this thing my bru. This is the thing that gets me to where I want to be also. But I’m not a speed driver! I go on my own pace, slowly. Safety first. But no helmet - my hair is my helmet. But safety first!’

Stan Engelbrecht

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