Ganief Jardien

Cape rd., Newton Park, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

2010 / 12 / 20 17:18

‘On the front here is a speaker cover I fitted and I use it to carry my cool drinks and things like that, as well as little parcels, to hang over. And this is an improvised tennis racquet rack behind the seat... when I was going past the second hand shop this morning I saw this racquet and I thought that this would make a good rack. So it’s improvised, you know what I’m saying? Ha ha! I’ve been cycling for the past four or five years. I lost my cars in accidents and some friend of mine sold me a bicycle and I thought, oh well, I might as well try it. And since then I got hooked. Until now I’m still cycling. It was a blessing in disguise - I would have never got onto a bicycle if it wasn’t for the accident. That’s how I got into cycling and it’s been great. I use it on a daily basis, everywhere I go - to work, friends... it’s cheap, it’s healthy, it’s fun, it’s a gym. Everything, in one. But I’m a writer. My first book is Odyssey - Journey of a Discovery of a Hidden Treasury by Ganief Jardien - that’s me. The second one is Emancipation by me as well - it’s about language, all the languages, English included, originating from the Semitic language, which is Arabic and Hebrew. Greek also comes from the Semitic language, so what I’m saying is that the original source of language came from Adam, and Adam undoubtably spoke the Semitic language which is the medium of all the scriptures and sacred writings before this.’

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