Gary Strever

Uniondale, South Africa

2010 / 12 / 06 14:14

‘I’ve been living here in Uniondale for six years now and I’ve been cycling from basically 1983, so I’ve been cycling for a long time. But since I’ve been in Uniondale I’ve used my bike every day. I’m reasonably close to work, it’s fantastic, traffic’s not bad - I enjoy cycling. Around Uniondale there are fantastic places to cycle. I’ve had quite a few people say to me that they think I’m very smart the way I get around, and in fact, one or two might have even started up by themselves after seeing me! Ha ha! I got this bike in Tzaneen in 1995 so it’s quite old, but as you can see I’m quite tall and it fits my frame beautifully. It’s a lovely cruising bike. Since I’ve moved to Uniondale I’ve cycled well over 8500 kilometers on this bike. But ever since I was a kid I just loved cycling. It was the first time I really experienced freedom as a kid out there, just feeling the wind in your hair and going wherever you like. I’m reliving that feeling now! Ha ha!’

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