George James

Outside Yzerfontein, South Africa

2010 / 07 / 11 18:08

‘I got this bike from a friend. It was worth nothing, you see. I built it up myself, I bought my own stuff - took it apart and and built it. I’ve got another frame - when I get tired of this one I put it all on the other frame, I build it over. It’s a black frame. It’s out of nothing I made a bicycle for myself. It’s very useful to have a bicycle around here. Things are far, the shops are far and so on. I work in Darling and I live here in Yzerfontein, and every night I climb on my bike and take a little ride. It keeps my legs fit and so on. I haven’t ridden it to Darling, only to the West Coast road, the R27 - my tires aren’t that good, that’s why I’ve only taken it to there and back. Sometimes I ride to the dump. But I ride alone. There are a few people around here that ride but they don’t ride with me. Here and there there are two or three people who ride every Saturday morning to the West Coast road. For some exercise. Further I’m the only one here in the Village Council Camp that ride a bicycle, and move with it wherever I want, and it carries me - it’s name is Blackie. Even if I change the frame, Blackie stays Blackie. My bicycle means a great deal to me, it is very handy, it is like a friend to me, it doesn't sleep outside, it stays inside my house. If I need then it will be there to help me. That is how it is.’

Nic Grobler

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