Gift Okeroe

St. Georges st., Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

2011 / 03 / 02 10:41

‘My Name if Gift Okeroe. I’m from Nigeria. I left Nigeria in the year 2008 and I came to South Africa . Since 2008 I bought this nice bicycle, and this bicycle is helping me a lot. You see, this bicycle is very nice and strong. I’m so happy to handle this bicycle. Yes. And I’m going to buy another sports bicycle for riding on Sundays. I used to have a problem with my leg, pains in my leg, but since I’ve been riding everything is okay. I didn’t take medicine or go to hospital but because of the bike everything is okay now. I have money to buy a car but I want to ride this bicycle. If I ever do buy a car I cannot sell this bicycle. I like a bicycle in my heart. Sometimes I dream that I’m riding a bicycle - it’s not a joke or something like that! Even for my child I’m going to buy a small bicycle now. I’m going to Nigeria this year so I’m going to buy two because I have two boys. But I’ll buy them in Nigeria because if I buy them here it will be a long process to take them there. My wife and boys are there. They are not going to come here because I don’t have a job for her in South Africa. Before she can work she needs an I.D. - I have asylum.’

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Stan Engelbrecht