Graham Holmes

Cnr. Voortrekker rd. and Beaufort str., Goodwood, Cape Town, South Africa

2010 / 03 / 25 16:39

‘I’ve been riding bikes now for over 20 years. I’m 45. I’m a harbor forklift operator. I’m coming from work now and I’m going home to Goodwood. I ride my my bike every day - rain, snow, if there was snow! But you don’t get snow tires here! I ride a bike so I can save more money than other people do - and then I drink more on the weekends! Ha, ha, I save the fuel but then I drink it out! They don’t like it when I come to the bar on the bike. When you come out drunk then the people don’t want you to ride. Then I walk! But it’s not far... just around the corner. My late wife picked this bike up for me and I built it up. Some people threw it away. That’s how I pick my bikes up. Here in Parow, at the market, the guy sell parts there and I buy my spares there by him. Cheaper than the bicycle shops. I did the American flag paint job myself - “The home of the free...”, how it’s supposed to be. Nobody’s got this paint scheme around here. The kids, they say, “We like your bike...”, I say, “You can’t smaak the bike, it’s the owner you must like!”’

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