Henry Nxumalo

Under Eastern Boulevard bridge, Foreshore, Cape Town, South Africa

2011 / 02 / 17 14:57

‘I came from Inanda in KwaZulu-Natal in 1989, I was brought here by social workers because of circumstances of life, home problems and so on, so I came here to Cape Town and I found myself on the streets. Things are not going very well actually, but bicycle riding is one of my dreams... but I can’t get anywhere with it. I wanted to go into the Cape Argus Cycle Tour this year but I could not afford it - that’s my dream. I had some work and I filled in some forms but I could not afford it. So now I will just have to watch from the street - they’re going to be passing right over us... You know, I have the bike but it’s not good enough. It’s not 100% - I can cycle around the road, just short distances. But I don’t even have tools to fix the bike anymore. We been living under this bridge for quite some time and because of the new cycle and bus lanes passing here the City Improvement District officers come here and they take away our stuff - we’ve lost a lot of stuff, they take everything and we have to start all over again. I’ve had this bike for a month now. I was sitting here under the bridge one day and I guy came pushing it because the wheels were flat and everything was messed up, and eventually he just asked if I wanted it. So I took it and I fixed it a little bit. A had one before this but my brother took it to Delft and it was stolen from there. So this one I have to sometimes lock with a padlock to some crates - if you want to take it you must take the crates with it. And I sleep with it close to me at night. This bike is called Roro - I named it after my son. I hope I don’t have to sell it for food when I run out of money. Even though my heart doesn’t want to sometimes I have to.’

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