Inoch Namatele 

R61, Tarkastad, Eastern Cape, South Africa

2010 / 12 / 14 16:18

'I've had this bicycle since 1963. I love him, my bicycle - really. I bought it here on Tarkastad, there by CND. Then I cycle here to work at Roy Hayes Taxidermy, and then tjiala time I go home again. Then in the morning I come to work again. I do all kinds of work, it is like a zoo in there. I work on making sculpture of the animals. I like my bicycle, but it is heavy, I want another one - a light one, a racing one. Then I'll be able to cycle to Queenstown. But we don't have money, I'm going to try get money to buy one. This one I won't give away though, it is old and I really like it too. They do sell these type of bicycles in the town here, black ones. But the ones they have now are bad -  the tires don't last. I just stay here in Tarkastad, I’m not going anywhere else - I like it here.'

Nic Grobler

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