Inock Banda

Orpen rd., Tokai Forest Reserve, Tokai, Cape Town, South Africa

2010 / 04 / 10 15:41

‘I bought this bike one year ago now. And I like riding my bicycle. I’m Malawian, and I came to South Africa in November of 2008. I also had a bicycle in Malawi. I like the exercise, that’s why I like bicycles. But it’s more dangerous here because here there are lots of cars... Malawi has much fewer cars than here. Luckily since I came here I’ve had no accidents. I have a helmet at home but because it’s hot today that’s why I left it. I prefer this bike to a mountain bike because this one rides very quickly, ha, ha! But I need a faster one because this one is now finished, the tires are finished!’

Stan Engelbrecht

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