Jacob Mbola

Cnr. Haupt rd. and Rundle rd., Port Elizabeth, South Africa

2010 / 12 / 21 10:10

'I've had this bicycle repair shop here for 9 years. I like it because I like bikes. When I go home I just grab a bike here and go - I test it to make sure everything is right. Every day I ride a different bike. The people say, "Test it! You must first make sure the bike is right, then I'll take it and ride it." When they come and fetch it in the morning I can tell them that it is right. My wife doesn't ride, she doesn't know bikes - she's scared. She says she's too old to learn how to ride a bicycle now. But everyone knows me… what I charge for a service depends; I first have to see the bicycle, what's wrong, what the bicycle needs, I must first see it. But if it's just a basic service, including a grease service and all that - R120. My favorite is an aluminum racing bike - they run so fast! It runs in the wind, on a mountain bike it's a big struggle, but your aluminum racing bike will run!'

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