Jacob Skhosana

Jim van der Merwe st., Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa

2010 / 09 / 02 14:38

'You see, I'm cycling because I sell things. I like it and I go a long distance with it - it’s been five years. I didn't cycle before that. Another meneer gave me the bicycle and then I built it up like this. I've got a hooter, radio, lights... I'm selling peanuts, sweets, chappies, oranges and apples. I do this everyday. That is when I'm not building, I'm a builder - so if I'm not called to a job then I sell. I work with bricks and tiles - I've got my card here. I also have a board on the other side here of the bike with my number. It is my own business, it is called Vuka Wenzi contracts. Building, plastering, tiling, paving and painting. I've got everything, even all the tools there at home. It says here on my card 'We can do any job be it small or big'. I've got this business since 1980. I'm on my way to the bus stop now - I sell over there. I listen to the radio, the station is Ikwekwez,  in my language - Ndebele. But I listen to all the different languages when I want to. Some people ask me to build their bicycles up but I also say no, because it is a big job! Yes, maybe they can pay me, but I don't know - maybe not. These things on my bike I get mostly from a madala there at the scrap yard. This flag was given to me by another meneer with his bakkie, he said my bicycle is beautiful so he gave me this flag.' 

Nic Grobler

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