Jafta Pietersen

Church st., Prince Albert, South Africa

2010 / 04 / 26 17:30

‘I bought this bicycle form a white lady, Mrs. Sarie Orton, after she left school and she started to work. So I’ve had it now for over 40 years and she rode it for 10 years. The brakes have given up - I had old-fashioned brakes, those shiny ones, I had them for years, but you don’t get them anymore. I tried these new kinds but they didn’t last, now I have to struggle to get a thin-wheel brake again. It costs R45, so now I have to do some work to get some money again. I erect fence. When I was four we moved to Prince Albert from Ladysmith. So I’ve been in Prince Albert for 71 years. I’m 75 years old now. On 20 September I’ll turn 76. I’ve been riding my bicycle all these years. I don’t like riding in cars and those things. For me it’s better to ride my bicycle. It’s always been like that. I ride to the farms, 10 or 12 kilometers I ride, 20 kilometers - I ride my bike. In December month my wife and I will be married for 53 years. She’s also got a bicycle, she’s actually got two, the one just stands there and the other one she rides every now and then. Sometimes we ride side by side. It’s keeps a man fit! In the back here I’ve got a bundle of wood - we still have a wood stove that we cook on and everything. I’m in a hurry to get home so I can make a nice fire for my wife so she can cook us some nice food for tonight. Potatoes and those things.’

Stan Engelbrecht

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