Jan 'Dagga' Taljaard

President ave., Bloemfontein, South Africa

2011 / 03 / 03 11:59

‘I am Jan “Dagga” (marijuana), and I smoked dagga, and I went with dagga. In the 1960’s I learned about God. In 1972 I quit smoking dagga. In 1973 I quit alcohol. And then I received the Holy Ghost. From 1973 I’ve been a witness for God. One thing is sure; you can lie to a person but you can’t lie to God. I used to smoke dagga and I’ve been in jail - I was in jail before Nelson Mandela. P.W. Botha, De Klerk, they all know about me. My child was raped, and that’s why I’m going through the world. Jesus wasn’t raped, but my child was raped. My God is not a cheap god. If He was a cheap god then I’d be cheap too. And cheap is rubbish. He released me from alcohol and marijuana and He is the one I want to see. He is the one who carries me through life and the world. People know me and God knows me. The Ghost that lives in me is the love of God. I was married three times - the fist one divorced me, the second one divorced me, and the third one God took - He actually stole her. This numberplate - I was praying for a guy, he was still at school, and when he came out of school after I prayed for him and he made me this numberplate. From then everyone called me Jan “Dagga” - the police, P.W. Botha, all state presidents, ministers, they all know me as Jan “Dagga” - Jan de Wet, Steve Hofmeyr, they know me as Jan “Dagga”. Jan de Wet gave me the opportunity in Welkom to bear witness about my living God. And I bore witness to my living God, not to people. Adam and Eve knew a god and a devil. How many millions of people know a bible but no god? You greet your fellow man with one hand and with the other you slap him. Cain killed Abel - he killed the wrong guy, he should have killed me! I knew no god! It’s easy to say that there is no God but if difficult to be a god. A fool, in his heart, says that there is no God, but my God lives through a fool. I bought this bicycle, I buy all my bicycles. I was medically suspended with pay from the railway service and God blesses me with R2300 per month. I brought my bicycle here to this shop to get it fixed so that other people can also get an income. And I trust in God, with them, and I want to see my God through them. They tightened my handlebar - I don’t want to end up under the cars...’

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Stan Engelbrecht