Jean-jack Hetu

Dr. Pixley Kaseme st., Durban, South Africa

2011 / 03 / 13 19:15

‘So, I like my bicycle. It’s now… it’s been now about two months ago, I bought my bicycle. But I like it because every day in the morning - I used to wake up early in the morning around four o’clock in the morning… just run my bicycle from Ushaka to Suncoast, come back, back home, take a shower, and then go work. I like because it help me to be fit, to be fit. My bike, particularly on…particularly on Sundays. I always have to go with my bike to work. As soon as I finish my work, I walk here and there to exercise. I really like my bike, and it’s lovely when I see English-speaking countries where everyone likes to exercise with a bike. I work in a shop that you call more precisely here in English-speaking countries - an “adult shop”. So I am here supposedly to help the clients with what they need. I came from the Congo. I like South Africa. Why do I like South Africa? It’s a democratic country. So I see it here and there but I am saving myself so I cannot say a lot, so, sorry - thank you very much.’

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