Jo Rawson

Government ave., Company's Gardens, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

2010 / 08 / 27 19:38

'I cycle because I love it and find it very liberating. It is a nice speed to see the city and it is so convenient. It is so much quicker with my bike than it is to sit in the car, and it is nice to interact with the city and the people like that. Everyone has been so friendly - it is so nice. I haven't been doing it long, not long at all - I only got this bike yesterday, ha ha. I look like I'm an expert hey? No, I've always wanted a bike, I've always had a mountain bike, but it is not a city bike - so now I have my city bike, I've always wanted one with a basket in the front and a little clip thing at the back - so I can carry my stuff. The bike is a belated birthday present from my fiancé. It is a Peugeot frame from France, it even says made in France. He looked and looked and looked and it was about three months late. He is big into cycling - our little 63m² flat has got four bikes in it... and one in the storeroom - so that is five bikes! I rode it all day and just now I went to Yoga. It is somehow so much safer than walking because you are moving a bit faster. It is nice to just have a bike to pick up and go around in the city. We've had quite a few incidents here whilst walking. The bike is very liberating and agile, that is probably the two words it makes me think about.'

Nic Grobler

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