Johannes Diko

R304, Stellenbosch, South Africa

2010 / 09 / 29 17:35

'The thing is, it is good exercise for me. You know, I like cycling and I cycle to work. I feel that if I cycle I'm safe - safer than taking the train or so. I've been cycling for four years now. They've bumped me before with the bicycle there by the golf course... but it wasn't the end, I kept on cycling. I often get a flat wheel, but I fix it just there and then. I've had these flags since the World Cup. Now they can see me more and the cars keep a bit more of a distance from me. This vuvuzela is for when I'm in a main road and I'm passing entrances, if there is for example a car coming out, you know they don't like to stop. So just before an entrance I blow it so that they know I'm coming. Only the front brakes work here. The whip, ha ha, it is just for safety on the road, for in case they want to attack me - you never know when you get attacked. I've not used it so far though, ha ha. So there is no problem.  Look, when I'm cycling it saves me money - so that is the main reason I cycle.'

Nic Grobler

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