Johannes Ellis

Boshof Abattoir, Industria st., Boshof, Free State, South Africa

2011 / 02 / 28 18:10

‘At first I just used to walk with my feet. Then I bought this bicycle from my brother-in-law. And from then on I was on this bike... I was riding it every day - to work and back. Here at the abattoir I drive away the manure with a bakkie. Also I take the waste and offal in the wheelbarrow and I bring it to the back here where I burn it. I set fire to it. We used to just throw it away but because people from the location were breaking in here and stealing the offal to eat we had to start burning it. You can’t eat the lower intestines and anuses and stuff - it’s not clean. So we burn it. I like riding my bike to work because it’s faster than going with my feet. And it gives your legs some exercise. I actually quite like cycling. I added the little basket myself. And I added a rack on the back for when I need to tie something on, but mostly I use the basket in front ’

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