John Kortman

Van Der Walt st., Middelburg, South Africa

2010 / 12 / 11 14:43

'I actually live in Rosmead, about 10 kilometers from here - about an hour-and-a-half bicycle ride from here. There is no work there. It's actually just a train station. The people that own the garage where I work, it's their son that has the hotel there - where I worked - but it's rented to someone else now, so he got me the job here. My wife stays at home, she gets sick-pay - she had a light stroke and now she's not allowed to work anymore. I still go on. I'm 57. And I'm still going to ride this bicycle for a long time. I'll never sell it. I don't want a car, nothing. This bike keeps me healthy. Whenever I get my bonus I get a few new things for the bike, like tires. My friend gave this bicycle to me, he said he couldn't anymore - and he's a young guy! So I said give it here, I'm ready. I take all my tools with me. If I get a puncture next to the road then I just lay it down, patch it quick, and there I go. I don't push home! I've got my spanners there too if I need to remove the wheel. Some pliers, everything - I don't struggle.'

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